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 I'm Rachel, and I am thrilled you are here at 5 Minutes 4 Me. So, what's my story?

Well, I have spent over two decades as a personal fitness trainer, diving deep into the world of special populations. This journey has taught me a ton about tweaking exercises to make them safe, and simple, yet super effective. 

My goal? To break down fitness into bite-sized, totally doable pieces, so you can easily squeeze them into your busy day.

My Story

Juggling life as a mom of two, with a full-time gig and a chronic illness, was my wake-up call to the world of self-care. Trust me, learning to carve out time for sleep, exercise, good food, and just breathing was a game changer. 

It was all about making myself a priority. I reshaped my schedule, embraced exercise, got into meditation and self-hypnosis, explored ways to eat healthier, and made sure I was hitting the sack early enough.

And you know what? It worked wonders. More energy, less pain, and just feeling all-around better. It's been such a transformation that I'm now all about helping others find their way to this kind of balance.

Fun Facts About Me
  1. My first career was in cosmetology—yep, I was snipping and styling as a professional hairdresser for 10 years and even taught it!

  2. I earned my 1st-degree black belt in Mo Do at the age of 41, thanks to Elite TOMA Martial Arts.

  3. I'm all about that healing touch, certified in massage therapy and Reiki.

  4. Teaching meditation? Absolutely love it.

  5. Nutrition is my jam. I'm on my way to becoming a certified Nutrition Coach.

  6. And yes, I've got a bit of a musical side too. I sang in a band back in my 20s and loved every second of it.

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